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Health Coverage

The cost of health care in the U.S. is almost double what it is in other affluent countries. Yet we have a lower average life expectancy and higher infant-mortality rates than other developed nations – and President Donald Trump and his Republican allies have done little to help. In fact, they have gone after the Affordable Care Act and made it harder for the vulnerable to get Medicaid coverage. Mike’s plan will allow people to keep their private insurance. It will build on the ACA to achieve universal health coverage, while substantially reducing health care costs and expanding access to health services.

Mike’s Plan:

  • Create a Medicare-like public insurance option
  • Improve and expand enrollment in Affordable Care Act plans
  • Cap health care prices and ban surprise medical bills
  • Lower drug costs
  • Protect access to care in rural area

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Mike Announces His Health Coverage Plan

Mike’s Plan:

Create a Medicare-like public option

Mike will create a Medicare-like public option – a health plan that will be administered by the federal government but paid for by customer premiums. He will improve consumer choice and increase competition in the private insurance market, pushing down premiums for all. His plan will allow people of modest means who buy the public option to be eligible for the same subsidies that would apply on the health insurance exchanges.

Improve and expand enrollment in Affordable Care Act plans

Mike’s plan will reverse the Trump administration’s attempts at sabotage. It will expand enrollment efforts, restrict the sale of health plans that don’t meet ACA standards, and defend the law against politically motivated lawsuits. It will expand subsidies to cap premiums at 8.5% of a household’s income. It will create a permanent reinsurance program that, by helping insurers with the largest claims, will reduce customer premiums roughly 10%. It will also expand Medicare to include an optional policy covering dental, hearing and vision care, and require all states to cover oral health services for adults in Medicaid.

Mike will lower health care costs, insure millions more Americans, and promote competition and efficiency in the health care market.

Cap health care prices and ban surprise medical bills

Mike will cap out-of-network hospital charges at 200% of Medicare rates to bring prices down for everyone. He will also ban surprise medical bills. If you are treated by an out-of-network doctor in an emergency, the hospital and your insurance company will negotiate a price and leave the patient out of it.

Lower drug costs

Mike will work with Congress to authorize the secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. His plan will cap drug prices at 120% of the average in other advanced nations – and this cap will apply to consumers with public or private insurance. Mike will ban drug company payments to pharmacy benefit managers, middlemen who design drug formularies. He’ll require drug makers compete on the cost and value of their products rather than paying middlemen for preferential treatment. Mike will also reform the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit to encourage greater competition and cap beneficiaries’ annual out-of-pocket costs at $2,000. Learn more about Mike’s drug price policy.

Mike comes to Memphis, Tennessee, to unveil his agenda for better, affordable health care.
Mike comes to Memphis, Tennessee, to unveil his agenda for better, affordable health care.

Protect access to care in rural areas

Mike will change rural hospital payment models so that they receive a fixed, capitated annual budget, to make them less dependent on the number of patients who walk through the door. Mike will double federal funding for Community Health Centers and increase funding for the National Health Service Corps, which offers loan repayment and scholarship opportunities for doctors who practice in high-need areas. Mike will also expand broadband access to rural areas and boost Medicare coverage of telemedicine services, to connect rural Americans with additional providers.

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Fact or Fiction?
When Mike left office as the mayor of New York City, life expectancy was three years longer than when he was elected 12 years earlier.

Mike’s Record:

Mike built a business with nearly 20,000 employees that provides great health care and paid leave.

As mayor of New York City, Mike expanded health care for working families and improved care for seniors. The number of New Yorkers without health insurance fell nearly 40% from 2001 to 2013, and the number of uninsured children fell by 72%.

Mike’s focus on promoting public health as mayor added three years to the life expectancy of New Yorkers. His policies helped cut teen smoking in half and cut heart disease by 32% in New York City. He also helped reduce childhood obesity in New York City by 5.5%, while it went up in the rest of the country.

As a philanthropist, Mike has pioneered bold health initiatives that have cleaned the air, expanded access to prenatal and postnatal care, increased screenings for breast and prostate cancer, and reduced injuries and deaths on roads. Mike’s philanthropic work to reduce tobacco use is estimated to have helped save 35 million lives across the globe.

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