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In the Final Days Before Super Tuesday, Mike Bloomberg Makes His Closing Argument in New TV Ad

February 28, 2020

In new ad, ‘Both’, released today, Mike Bloomberg shows he is the candidate who can get it done

NEW YORK — This Tuesday, March 3rd, 14 states will head to the polls to place their votes for the Democratic presidential nomination. Today, Mike Bloomberg 2020 is releasing, ‘Both’, a new TV ad highlighting Mike’s closing argument to the Super Tuesday states.

“In life, there are talkers, and there are doers,” the ad begins, “Mike Bloomberg has spent his life getting things done, started a company from scratch, creating 20,000 good-paying jobs–that’s getting it done. As mayor, he rebuilt a shaken city after 9/11, created over 450,000 new jobs, expanded health care to 700,000, and raised teacher pay.”

What this country needs is a president who will get things done, tackle the biggest challenges facing our country, and deliver real results for the American people. Mike will get it done.

The ad showcases Mike’s strong record of leadership both as mayor of New York City, and throughout his business career and philanthropic efforts. Mike was elected mayor three times; he beat the NRA, strengthening gun laws; he beat big coal, closing more than 300 dirty coal plants and created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Mike knows how to get things done, and as president, he will bring respect and action back to the White House.

The TV ad, ‘Both’, will run nationwide on network and cable across the country and in local markets in 27 states, including in every Super Tuesday state.

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