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Mike Bloomberg Has a Long Record of Supporting Democratic Causes, opens in a new window

As the mayor of one of the largest and most progressive cities in the country, who was re-elected three times, Mike Bloomberg has a strong record of supporting Democrats and Democratic causes across the country.

Mike Bloomberg Has the Strongest Record on Climate Change and Will Put the Country on the Path to a Clean Energy Economy, opens in a new window

The world is currently facing a climate change crisis. President Donald Trump has done everything in his power to destroy America’s global leadership on climate change, degraded the role of science in federal decision-making, and allowed energy companies and corporations to pollute, putting the health of Americans, particularly vulnerable populations, at risk. Mike is the only candidate with the record and experience to address this problem.

How We Will Win (Ad), opens in a new window

Daily Read: Ahead of Debate, It's Bernie's Race to Lose, and Mike's To Win — Plus, #BernieSlanders' Trump-Like Tactics Must Go, opens in a new window

|Sheekey Daily Read

In his first appearance on the debate stage tonight, Mike will make the case for why he’s the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump and unite the country. That said, Bernie Sanders appears poised to leave Super Tuesday, March 3, with an enormous lead.

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