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Daily Read: Mike Slams Bernie: 'The Best-Known Socialist in the Country Happens to Be a Millionaire with Three Houses', opens in a new window

|Sheekey Daily Read

You know you’re a winner when you draw attacks from all the candidates. Everyone came to destroy Mike and it didn’t happen. Everyone wanted him to lose his cool. He didn’t do it. He was the grownup in the room. Mike Bloomberg presented himself as the leading alternative to Bernie Sanders. Everyone came to get under Mike’s skin, but instead, Mike got under Bernie’s. Mike delivered the line of the night to Senator Sanders when he said:

New York Congresswoman and Chair of the House Appropriations Committee Nita Lowey Endorses Mike Bloomberg for President, opens in a new window

New York Congresswoman (NY-17) and Chair of the House Appropriations Committee Nita Lowey endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president, lauding his proven leadership as Mayor, his support for vital progressive causes, his commitment to repair the United States’ reputation abroad, and a belief that Mike is this country’s best chance to beat President Donald Trump.

Mike Bloomberg Will Raise Taxes on the Rich and Make Corporations Pay More, opens in a new window

Mike Bloomberg’s plan is the most serious commitment of any candidate for president to addressing economic inequality in our country. As president, Mike will reverse the Trump tax rules that benefit the wealthy and undermine the middle class by raising $5 trillion to pay for public investments in health care, infrastructure, education, climate resilience and affordable housing.

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