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Nationwide “Mayors for Mike” Coalition Grows to More Than 100 Mayors

February 14, 2020

Growing list of mayors from around the country show their support for Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg ahead of Super Tuesday

NEW YORK — Since launching his campaign, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has now been endorsed by more than 100 mayors from across the country. “Mayors for Mike” is the broadest and most diverse coalition of endorsing mayors this cycle, and represents small towns, cities, and post-industrial communities across the country with challenges that require thoughtful and steady leadership. This groundswell of support from mayors demonstrates that Mike is the only candidate who can build the coalition necessary to beat Donald Trump in November.

“Mayors from America’s small towns and cities of every size are united around our vision for achieving progress on America’s biggest challenges,” said Mike Bloomberg. “I’m honored to have the support of so many mayors from so many different parts of the country. Their endorsements show the hunger local leaders have for real leadership in the White House — and that starts with defeating this president. As president, I will work closely with them to reunite and rebuild America, and to empower them to drive change in their local communities.”

Three of the mayors who announced their support for Mike today are: Mayor Don Hardy of Kinston, North Carolina; Mayor Malinda Miles of Mount Rainier, Maryland; and former Mayor William Bell of Birmingham, Alabama.

Don Hardy, Mayor of Kinston, North Carolina: “I scanned the field and originally thought that Joe Biden was the candidate who most closely represented my beliefs. But, after hearing what Mike Bloomberg has to say — on gun safety, economic justice, equity, the environment, health care, the planet, I changed my mind. Mike is special. He’s the most qualified person to run the country and he has the funding and the capacity to defeat Donald Trump. Mike was a terrific mayor for New York and he’s a very successful guy. He’s a team player, and if there’s one thing I believe, it’s that the power of “we” is more powerful than one person alone could ever be.”

Malinda Miles, Mayor of Mount Rainier, Maryland: “There’s no substitute for experience and Mike Bloomberg has it in spades. His successes as mayor of New York City and in business are second-to-none. Mike believes that we are stronger when we work together and he wants every American to have a shot at financial and personal success. His Greenwood Initiative is bold and could foster significant gains in intergenerational wealth for African Americans. Mike is progressive on gun violence, health care, the climate, and jobs. He won’t let us down.”

William Bell, Former Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama: “Mike Bloomberg succeeded in business and in politics. He’s got experience in both that no other candidate can match. He knows that cities prosper when businesses thrive and he has always championed small business successes. When local businesses thrive, jobs follow. Mike supports this and he will get the job done.”

The 100+ mayors who support Mike Bloomberg for president include:

  1. William Bell, Former Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama
  2. Mike Dow, Former Mayor of Mobile, Alabama
  3. Ethan Berkowitz, Mayor of Anchorage, Alaska
  4. Robert Uribe, Mayor of Douglas, Arizona
  5. Dan Coody, Former Mayor of Fayetteville, Arkansas
  6. Frank Scott Jr, Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas and Co-Chair of the Mike for Black America National Leadership Council
  7. Patrick Hays, Former Mayor of North Little Rock, Arkansas
  8. Shirley Washington, Mayor of Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  9. Marco McClendon, Mayor of West Memphis, Arkansas
  10. Bill Hodge, Mayor of Calexico, California
  11. Mary Casillas Salas, Mayor of Chula Vista, California
  12. Marnie Mendoza, Mayor of Colfax, California
  13. Aja Brown, Mayor of Compton, California
  14. Tim McGallian, Mayor of Concord, California
  15. Kuldip Thusu, Mayor of Dinuba, California
  16. Efrain Silva, Mayor of El Centro, California
  17. Lily Mei, Mayor of Fremont, California
  18. Serge Dedina, Mayor of Imperial Beach, California
  19. Racquel Vasquez, Mayor of Lemon Grove, California
  20. John Marchand, Mayor of Livermore, California
  21. Antonio Villaraigosa, Former Mayor of Los Angeles, California and National Political Co-Chair
  22. Rob Rennie, Former Mayor of Los Gatos, California
  23. Rob Schroder, Mayor of Martinez, California
  24. Yxstian Gutierrez, Mayor of Moreno Valley, California
  25. Matt Rinn, Mayor of Pleasant Hill, California
  26. Rusty Bailey, Mayor of Riverside, California
  27. London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco, California and First Chair of the Mike for Black America National Leadership Council
  28. Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose, California and State Campaign Co-Chair
  29. Pauline Russo Cutter, Mayor of San Leandro, California
  30. Joseph Goethals, Mayor of San Mateo, California
  31. Michael Tubbs, Mayor of Stockton, California and National Campaign Co-Chair
  32. Eddie Neal, Mayor of Lemoore, California
  33. Wellington Webb, Former Mayor of Denver, Colorado and Co-Chair of the Mike for Black America National Leadership Council
  34. Bill Finch, Former Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut
  35. Don Slesnick, Former Mayor of Coral Gables, Florida
  36. Melissa McKinlay, Former Mayor of Palm Beach County, Florida
  37. Enid Weisman, Mayor of Aventura, Florida and United for Mike Councilmember
  38. Stephanie Bruder, Mayor of Bay Harbor Islands, Florida
  39. Manny Diaz, Former Mayor of Miami, Florida and National Political Co-Chair
  40. Scott Brook, Mayor of Coral Springs, Florida
  41. Neisen Kasdin, Former Mayor of Miami Beach, Florida
  42. Philip Levine, Former Mayor of Miami Beach, Florida
  43. Bob Buckhorn, Former Mayor of Tampa, Florida and State Campaign Co-Chair
  44. Sandra Freedman, Former Mayor of Tampa, Florida
  45. Keith James, Mayor of West Palm Beach, Florida
  46. Hardie Davis Jr, Mayor of Augusta, Georgia
  47. Karen Freeman-Wilson, Former Mayor of Gary, Indiana
  48. Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky and National Campaign Co-Chair
  49. Adrian Perkins, Mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana and National Co-Chair of Young Electeds for Mike
  50. David Rollins, Mayor of Augusta, Maine
  51. George Campbell, Former Mayor of Portland, Maine
  52. Sam Zaitlin, Former Mayor of Saco, Maine
  53. Victoria Jackson-Stanley, Mayor of Cambridge, Maryland
  54. Tracey Furman, Mayor of Kensington, Maryland
  55. Malinda Miles, Mayor of Mount Rainier, Maryland
  56. Petrella Robinson, Mayor of North Brentwood, Maryland
  57. Jeffrey Slavin, Mayor of Somerset, Maryland and State Campaign Co-Chair
  58. Jim Berryman, Former Mayor of Adrian, Michigan
  59. Karen Weaver, Former Mayor of Flint, Michigan
  60. Byron Nolen, Former Mayor of Inkster, Michigan
  61. Virg Bernero, Former Mayor of Lansing, Michigan
  62. Kelly Garrett, Mayor of Lathrup Village, Michigan
  63. Linda Short, Mayor of Mayersville, Mississippi
  64. Percy L. Bland, Mayor of Meridian, Mississippi
  65. John Moor, Mayor of Asbury Park, New Jersey
  66. Janice Kovach, Mayor of Clinton, New Jersey
  67. Collette Kennedy, Mayor of Keyport, New Jersey
  68. Andre Sayegh, Mayor of Paterson, New Jersey
  69. Douglas Palmer, Former Mayor of Trenton, New Jersey
  70. Ken Miyagishima, Mayor of Las Cruces, New Mexico
  71. Alan Webber, Mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico
  72. Kathy Sheehan, Mayor of Albany, New York
  73. Lovely Warren, Mayor of Rochester, New York
  74. Gary McCarthy, Mayor of Schenectady, New York
  75. Mike Spano, Mayor of Yonkers, New York
  76. Vi Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina
  77. Don Hardy, Mayor of Kinston, North Carolina
  78. Dan Horrigan, Mayor of Akron, Ohio and State Campaign Co-Chair
  79. Luke Feeney, Mayor of Chillicothe, Ohio and State Campaign Co-Chair
  80. Michael Coleman, Former Mayor of Columbus, Ohio and State Campaign Co-Chair
  81. Kathy Catazaro-Perry, Mayor of Massillon, Ohio
  82. Dean DePiero, Former Mayor of Parma, Ohio
  83. Muhammad Robbalaa, Mayor of Fort Coffee, Oklahoma
  84. Kathy Taylor, Former Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma and State Campaign Co-Chair
  85. Dwan Walker, Mayor of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
  86. Bob McMahon, Mayor of Media, Pennsylvania
  87. Michael Nutter, Former Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and National Political Co-Chair
  88. Joseph Brady, Mayor of Vandling, Pennsylvania
  89. Lornna Soto, Mayor of Canóvanas, Puerto Rico
  90. Rosachely Rivera, Mayor of Gurabo, Puerto Rico
  91. Jesús Edgardo Colón, Mayor of Orocovis, Puerto Rico
  92. Steve Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina and National Campaign Co-Chair
  93. Jon Kinsey, Former Mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee
  94. Jim Strickland, Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee
  95. Karl Dean, Former Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee
  96. John Cook, Former Mayor of El Paso, Texas
  97. Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston, Texas and National Co-Chair for the Bloomberg 2020 Infrastructure Council
  98. Bill White, Former Mayor of Houston, Texas and State Campaign Co-Chair
  99. Lucy Johnson, Former Mayor of Kyle, Texas
  100. Andy Beerman, Mayor of Park City, Utah
  101. Ralph Becker, Former Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah
  102. Peter Corroon, Former Mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah
  103. Allison Silberberg, Former Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia
  104. Derrick Wood, Mayor of Dumfries, Virginia
  105. Kenny Alexander, Mayor of Norfolk, Virginia and State Campaign Co-Chair
  106. Paul Fraim, Former Mayor of Norfolk, Virginia
  107. Mark Asmundson, Former Mayor of Bellingham, Washington
  108. Victoria Woodards, Mayor of Tacoma, Washington
  109. Brian Ebersole, Former Mayor of Tacoma, Washington
  110. Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington D.C. and National Campaign Co-Chair
  111. Steve Williams, Mayor of Huntington, West Virginia
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